Suffolk County Official Seal

Suffolk County Highway Service Request System

Suffolk County maintains a continual grass cutting schedule. Schedules may vary depending on weather, seasonal changes and available crews. If there is an area with high grass please submit a request through this system, Generally, Suffolk County only maintains natural vegetation along county roadways and does not install landscaping.
Suffolk County is not responsible for maintenance of sidewalks or driveway aprons. Depending on jurisdiction the corresponding township and/or the adjacent property is responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks (including cleaning grass, dirt, snow removal and debris).
Suffolk County is only responsible for the maintenance of the south parking lot, the remaining lots are maintained by the local townships (Brookhaven and Islip). The parking regulations for the Ronkonkoma railroad station are set by LIRR and the local townships. Enforcement of parking regulations is conducted by Suffolk County Police Department, MTA Police and Town Public Safety Departments.
Suffolk County maintains a roadway maintenance program that includes grass cutting and sweeping in which crews also clear litter and debris from the roadway. Additionally adjacent property owners should clear debris along their property line. If you see a County roadway with a great deal of litter please submit a service request and when available a crew will be dispatched.
Suffolk County is responsible for picking up dead animals within the county right-of-way, not animals located in the woods, or live animals. The local township is responsible for picking up live animals along roadways; usually this is handled by the corresponding town animal control department. Town, State & LIRR Contact List Additionally, Suffolk County does not keep dead animals; all deceased animals are disposed of properly and according to local health and safety regulations.
Suffolk County Department of Public Works Division of Highway Maintenance performs winter maintenance operations during snow events. Snow removal depends on the type and severity of each particular storm. County workers and hired contractors plow and salt every county road during and after every snow event to ensure roadways are passable.
All streetlights within Suffolk County are installed and maintained by the corresponding township. To submit a service request for the installation, outage or repair of a streetlight on a County roadway, please contact the corresponding township. Town, State & LIRR Contact List
Sign responsibility varies based on roadway and type of signage. To determine responsibility along a county road please submit a service request and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate responsible party.